Three Primary Duties of a Competent Estate Litigation Lawyer in Orange County NY

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Lawyers

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If a loved one has died, leaving behind an estate, the named administrators may be confronted with complex legal situations. It may become necessary to divide assets in the manner described in a will or trust and pay all bills. This often results in potential disputes and disagreements among the surviving family members.

To ensure these conflicts are resolved legally, it is important to hire a proficient estate litigation lawyer, such as Mark Aberasturi. An experienced litigation attorney has an adequate understanding of estate litigation. The lawyer can offer the necessary legal counsel and support to deal with any disputes, problems or challenges at hand. Here are three primary duties of a qualified Estate Litigation Lawyer Orange County NY.

Protecting the Rights of Beneficiaries

If an entity or individual has accepted a fiduciary role, they have a legal duty to exercise responsibilities in that position. A skilled estate law lawyer can make sure that the fiduciary does not abuse their rights, and that all duties are performed appropriately. The lawyer is also aware of the rules and procedures surrounding wills or estates. They can make sure that the rights of the named beneficiaries are well protected throughout the litigation process. The lawyer will ensure every step of the way is completed professionally, and make sure that the estate is finalized and closed with the court.

Reduce Estate Tax Liability

Proficient estate litigation lawyers can provide valuable information on the taxes that can affect estates, and tips on how to reduce them. They can ensure that all state and federal tax matters are handled appropriately to protect the client from incurring personal liabilities.

Protecting and Distributing Assets

For people with large amounts of either life insurance or in 401(K), it is essential to hire a proficient estate law attorney to ensure that these assets are protected down the road. The attorney can also ensure these assets are distributed to the beneficiaries, and obtain the necessary releases.

Probate laws are complex, and any mistakes in handling an estate can lead to more expenses and wastage of time. Hiring a qualified Estate Litigation Lawyer Orange County NY is one the ways to ensure that the entire estate litigation process is handled professionally. For more information about estate litigation, and how to contact a lawyer, please got to our website.

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