Marketing Your SSD Law Firm Ethically

When it comes to advertising, there is a fine line that businesses walk upon when it comes to how honest their marketing materials are. Diet aids that may or may not help you lose weight, products that boast their effectiveness despite evidence to the contrary, and so forth. When it comes to advertising your law firm, however, integrity is necessary to ensure that you not only increase your clientele, but you retain them in the long term. No one wants to work with a shady lawyer, and bad reviews can kill your reputation immediately. However, how do you market your firm legitimately when there is such stiff competition? We’ll help outline what to do and what not to do to market your Social Security Disability Law Firm.

One of the best ways to build client trust is to show them how satisfied previous clients have been with your services. If you’re a relatively new firm, you may not have the statistics that bigger, older firms do regarding the amount of won cases, but you can always use a good old-fashioned testimonial to boost your image. You want to avoid inflating your numbers to make yourself look good, and instead focus on cultivating positive reviews from current and former clients that highlight your professionalism and candor. One or two testimonials can have a much greater impact than a list of stats.

On-Line Presence
In today’s digital age, most consumers are online for hours a day. Even the old method of reaching new consumers via television is going away, as more and more people opt to watch shows digitally, through sites like Netflix or Hulu. As a result, your marketing should focus on reaching new clients through the internet, via social media and professional networking sites. Ideally, you can create informative videos that can be shared since these can be easily watched by those with disabilities.

Quality Over Price
Unfortunately, it’s all too often the case that law firms are more focused on their rates than how much they can help their client. If your goal is to make the maximum amount of money per case, then you’re doing it wrong. Presumably, you got into law as a career, so it makes much more sense to cultivate a positive image from your clients that will pay off in the long run. If you can provide not only quality legal services but also exceptional customer service, it will be a smart investment in your firm. Worry more about delivering peace of mind to the client, and less about your legal fees. In the end, if your customer is more than satisfied with your services, you’re more likely to gain their trust and their recommendation for future clientele.

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