Choosing A Legally Alternative Dispute Resolution In White Plains, NY

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Law

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When you find your company embroiled in a legal battle with another company, you may fear how much it will cost you commercially and financially to resolve the matter. You may want to protect the reputation and future of your business. You may also want to protect your business’s operational cash flow at the same time.

Still, you may believe strongly that your company deserves to be heard and is entitled to justice. Instead of going to trial, however, you may use a legal option like an alternative dispute resolution in White Plains, NY.

Avoiding a Trial

A trial can invite bad publicity for both you and your company. You may prefer the public not to ever find out what kinds of legal contention in which you have become involved. You may also want to avoid losing customers because they fear your company is going out of business or losing money from its legal battles.

When you hire attorneys to find another way to settle the matter, you may avoid having to go to trial. You likewise may protect the reputation of your business and maintain its customer base.

You additionally might save a significant amount of money when you use an option like an alternative dispute resolution in White Plains, NY for your business. You can find out more about this possibility online. To set up a consultation with a legal team or find out if you have a case, contact Schwab and Gasparini at

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