Defining the Collaborative Divorce

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Divorce Attorney

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Whether you’re considering divorce or are already in the midst of proceedings, you are likely well aware of how difficult and painful this process is. Hardly anyone would deny that fact. That’s why any attorney worth their saltis interested in helping your proceedings progress as smoothly as possible, thereby preventing your mental and emotional anguish from becoming any worse than it already may be.

Many couples fail to agree about certain aspects of their divorce agreement, which can complicate the process much more than necessary. However, there is a way to resolve these disagreements more effectively: through a collaborative divorce process in Hollywood, FL.

What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

You can think of a collaborative divorce process in Hollywood, FL, as a form of mediation. With the help of a qualified attorney, you and your former spouse can hash out those elements of your divorce agreement you simply can’t reach a unified opinion on. By seeking out a collaborative divorce process, you can spare yourself and your ex from having to duke it out in court over the matters between you, enabling you to more smoothly transition into your new stages of life and eliminate extra stress.

How Can a Collaborative Divorce Be Advantageous?

Working with an attorney on a collaborative divorce process in Hollywood, FL, offers several noteworthy advantages. Firstly, many find the collaborative divorce process a more comfortable situation for handling the finer details of their divorce than turning to court judges. It gives both parties the opportunity to have a civil, thorough discussion in a less strict environment.

Secondly, you can schedule such an arrangement well within line with your own schedule. You won’t have to work around court dates or try to squeeze in availability for mandated appointments nor will you have to deal with court fees and similar hassles.

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