3 Signs You Need A Top Jacksonville, FL, Divorce Attorney

Most people will have some conflict during their divorce, but there will be a sense of ending or termination of the relationship and a desire to move forward. In a percentage of divorce cases, one party may be hostile, angry, abusive or vengeful, which creates a very real challenge in trying to manage the divorce in a conflict-free atmosphere.

Knowing if you will have a “good” divorce or a lot of challenges throughout the divorce is often hard to assess for the individual. However, a top divorce attorney in Jacksonville, FL, can call on his or her experience to determine the challenges that may be simmering just below the surface.

The more issues and challenges in the separation and divorce, the more important it will be to have an experienced, specialized divorce attorney on your side throughout the process. These attorneys can be essential in spotting and proactively dealing with issues that can escalate the conflict, helping to smooth over issues that are potentially problematic.

Failure to Make Voluntary Child Support Payments

Parents understand that raising children is a financial responsibility as well as an emotional commitment. When one parent refuses to voluntarily help the other parent out who is caring for the children prior to the divorce, this is often a sign of a pending battle over child support and possibly over custody.

Ongoing Attempts to Rekindle the Relationship

It is not uncommon for one spouse to be over the relationship while the other hangs on and hopes for a reunification. However, when this becomes a point of conflict or discomfort, it can signal a potential challenge in the divorce. An experienced divorce attorney will be able to provide advice and information about your options.

Broken Promises

When the other parent makes promises to the kids or the spouse and then cancels at the last minute or simply fails to show up during the separation and prior to the divorce, this can signal a challenge to an experienced divorce attorney.

By speaking openly and honestly with your attorney about the challenges you are facing or anticipate with the other parent, plans can be put in place. This may not prevent these issues from occurring, but it will set the groundwork for future steps to address the issue.

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