A Disability Lawyer Represents Clients During Evaluations After Claim Approvals

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After a person has been approved for Social Security disability payments, the case may be reviewed occasionally by the Administration. A Disability Lawyer represents clients who are informed that their payments are being halted or that further evaluation of the situation is necessary.

If the disability seemed like it could have been temporary, the representatives will want to verify that the claimant actually is still unable to work full-time. Sometimes the case goes on alert because the person has begun working again and is putting in more hours than would be expected of a disabled man or woman.

Problems With Full-Time Work

The Disability Lawyer gathers and presents the evidence to confirm that the client cannot work full-time, even if he or she is earning income. This person may not be able to work four or five days a week, for instance, or for at least eight hours in a row. There may be times when this person can work for two or three weeks straight without issue but then have a setback causing the need for several days off. That makes it very difficult to hold a full-time job because the absence rate would be too high.

The Administration may want the claimant to consult with a vocational expert to determine whether any type of full-time work would be suitable for this individual. Sometimes the focus is on switching the person from a more active job to a more sedentary one. Retraining benefits can be provided. This isn’t reasonable for everyone, however. A person with a chronic autoimmune disorder, for example, may become too fatigued after several hours of light-duty work such as answering phones or filing paperwork.

The Possibility of Part-Time Employment

Many people who are approved for Social Security disability benefits still want to work part-time and be productive. A lawyer such as Eric R. Hunt can help them understand how to go about this while keeping the Administration in the loop about what the medical professionals say this individual can or cannot do. It might be possible to work a phone answering job for a few hours a day three days a week, for instance. Details on this particular lawyer can be seen at us. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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