3 Tips to Take After a DUI Charge in Charleston, South Carolina

You made a bad judgment call and decided to drive after having too much to drink. The end results are getting stopped by a police officer and getting arrested. If this is your first DUI, then you should contact a DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, SC. Read on to find out three things you should do after a DUI charge.

Keep Track of Court Date

You will receive a notice of your court date before leaving the jail. It is a date that you must keep and show up on time for the hearing. After getting home, you should write the date and time on your calendar. Missing court could lead to getting arrested or license suspended.

Gather Evidence

A judge can convict defendants of DUIs using just blood-alcohol content (BAC) evidence. A DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, SC, can help with coming up with a defense for your case. You also may want to work out a plea with the prosecutor. Some defendants may even argue that the breathalyzer was faulty.

Ask for Hardship License

If you are arrested for a DUI, then you are more than likely to get your license suspended immediately. You are going to need transportation to get to work and to the court date. It means making alternative arrangements to get around. Sometimes, courts are willing to grant a hardship license, which allows you to drive to work and school.

You will have to take many steps to overcome your charges. It helps to get legal advice and professional guidance through this process. Contact Phipps Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers at www.phippsfirm.com for an appointment today.

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