Can You Avoid a Conviction by Hiring a Drunk Driving Attorney in Los Angeles CA?

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Those who are pulled over and arrested for a DUI might worry about its impact on their future. They may not have been arrested ever before and might not have realized the mistake they were making when they decided to drive. Many people don’t realize just how little it takes to be over the legal limit for driving. Once they’re arrested, they might wonder if it really is possible to avoid a conviction by hiring a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles CA.

A drunk driving conviction can come with significant penalties and can impact a person’s future for as long as the conviction is on their record. Therefore, this is something they will need to take seriously. However, they might have seen on television that people who are arrested for a DUI can avoid a conviction through a plea bargain or by proving the arrest was not made properly. This can happen, but it is not easy to obtain an outcome like this and a person will need to hire an attorney to help them if this is their goal.

An attorney understands drunk driving laws, plea bargains, and police procedures for DUI arrests. They will look into the case carefully to determine if the charges can be dismissed or if a plea bargain might help their client. Of course, since this is real life, it’s not going to work as perfectly as it does on television. Still, the person can use what they have seen on the television to talk to the lawyer about their situation and determine what they should do to get a better outcome for their own case.

Being arrested for a DUI isn’t like it is on the television, but it is still possible for a person to get the help they need from a drunk driving attorney in Los Angeles CA to try to avoid having a conviction on their record. The attorney understands they don’t know the law and have just seen different outcomes on television or in the movies, so the person and their attorney can use those situations to discuss all of the person’s options. Visit Karagozian & Rudolph, PC today, or contact a lawyer to learn more about the options for your case.

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