Why You Need A Personal Injury Protection Lawyer If You’re A Florida Doctor

When you are a doctor, no matter what field your specific practice may be in, you will be dealing with a variety of medical insurance claims. However, out of all of these types of claims, the most confusing to have to deal with and stay within the bounds of the law are those concerning personal injury protection claims. There are many reasons why a PIP claim lawyer in Florida can aid in these claims.

Get Paid Quicker

If you have insurance claims that are submitted in the wrong fashion such as not soon enough after the patient’s visit or if there are sections of the form that are left blank, you may experience a great delay in getting paid from the insurance company. There may even be instances where you lose the right to get paid from a claim which will leave you out of potentially a great deal of money.

Stay Legal

Filing a claim incorrectly may actually set you for legal headaches if they are not done correctly. When you hire an attorney experienced in matters of personal injury protection, that will ensure that the claims you file to the insurance are both legal and will be sufficient to stand up for any audit that may occur.

Focus On Business

When you spend time dealing with confusing claims, it results in work being ignored that could be better performed by your other medical staff. A PIP claim lawyer in Florida can handle all of the claims for you and make sure they are thoroughly reviewed before submission.

For the PIP legal help in all of Florida, contact Shuster & Saben LLC at piplaw.com.

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