Types of Cases Handled by a Criminal Defense Attorney in Indianapolis, IN

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Lawyers

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Criminal cases are quite different from civil cases. The greatest difference is that in a criminal case verdict, the guilty may have to serve time in jail. Secondly, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff in a criminal case, and the defendant is regarded as innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis, IN deals with a variety of cases every day. Here are some of the many types of criminal cases that they handle.


Criminal fraud cases are quite common, such as embezzlement. Money laundering is also a major crime, and if convicted, the guilty might find themselves behind bars for a long time. Fraud cases are some of the most common cases handled by a criminal defense attorney. If you have been implicated in a fraud case, you should hire a reputable attorney to help you. You should visit for more information about the attorneys and find out how they can assist you.


Felonies are widely regarded as the most serious crimes that can be committed. They rank much higher than violations or misdemeanors, and can even lead to life sentencing. If you are found guilty of committing a felony, the judge may put you in jail for at least a year. If you behave well, the punishment might be reduced, and the remainder of the sentence will be spent on probation. However, if the felony is serious, your criminal defense attorney might not be able to do anything, and you may have to serve the full sentence. Cases such as misdemeanors and violations are not that serious, and your attorneys may help you get a lesser sentence.

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