Reviewing Your Rights With A Child Custody Law Attorney In Frederick

In Maryland, parental rights are defined through child custody laws. It is the laws that determine which parent has the most authority over the child. It is the laws that also protect children from risks in their home. A Child Custody Law Attorney in Frederick helps parents review their rights.

Can Parents Withhold Visitation?

No, under child custody laws, a parent cannot withhold visitation for any reason. Each parent is required to follow the child custody arrangements exactly as they appear in the divorce agreement. Any violation of the visitation orders could present the opportunity for legal action. Parents can utilize law enforcement to obtain custody of the child from their former spouse during their visitation period.

Who Manages Overdue Support Payments?

The parent must report any overdue child support payments to the court directly. It is illegal to fail to provide court-ordered child support payments. Deadbeat parent laws allow law enforcement to arrest a parent for these failures. The offending parent could face jail time until the payments are caught up and paid appropriately.

When are Custody Assignments Overturned?

Child custody assignments are overturned due to a serious risk to the child. Any allegations of child abuse, neglect, or hazardous conditions lead to new custody hearings. The evidence is secured to substantiate a parent’s claim regarding risks. Parents who discover a risk to their child can report the conditions to child protective services and receive temporary custody pending an investigation.

When are Parental Rights Terminated?

Parental rights are terminated when a parent is convicted of a crime and sentenced to more than two years in prison. An addiction is also grounds for terminating parental rights. Any parent that is convicted of any form of child abuse loses their parental rights as well.

In Maryland, parental rights are enforced through court hearings. Either parent can take legal action if visitation is denied, payments aren’t made, or if a risk exists. The laws enable parents to take action to secure custody and protect their child. Parents who want to start a petition contact a Child Custody Law Attorney in Frederick or get legal help here right now.

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