How A Car Accident Attorney In Lafayette LA Can Help Accident Victims

Being involved in a car accident is a very traumatic and frightening experience. An accident can be even more traumatic if you were injured. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, the victim would be eligible for compensation. When a person is in an accident, their medical bills can add up. If the injuries were serious, the victim could end up missing a great deal of time from work. There would be a great deal of pain and suffering, not to mention the damage to the vehicle. All of these costs can add up. When the accident is the fault of another person, the victim should not be responsible for all of the costs. This is where they can benefit from hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Lafayette LA.

Case Evaluation

After the accident, an attorney can go over all of the evidence obtained in the accident. This includes the police reports, the victim’s statement, the other driver’s statement, and witness statements. The attorney may also visit the accident scene to get any information that they can. This will allow the attorney to determine whether or not the victim has a case.


If the victim does have a case, their attorney would contact the attorney who works for the responsible party’s insurance company. The two attorneys would work together to try to come to a fair settlement. Often times, the responsible party’s attorney will try to contact the victim to get them to agree to a settlement. Usually, the settlement is no where near what the victim deserves. In most cases, the attorney will offer the settlement before the victim knows the full extent of their injuries. A Car Accident Attorney in Lafayette LA will stop the harassment, and handle the negotiations.

Representation in Court

If the two attorneys were not able to come to an agreement on the settlement amount, the case would go to court for a judge and jury to hear. Before the trial, the victim’s attorney would prepare the strongest case possible. They would question witnesses for the victim and cross examine the witnesses for the responsible party.

If a person is in a car accident that was not their fault, they should visit to obtain representation.

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