Is It Possible To Have Charges Dropped By Hiring Drug Possession Attorneys?

When a person is arrested for drugs, often one of the first questions is whether they really need to hire drug possession attorneys. It’s often not going to go over well if they try to represent themselves in court and claim the drugs found weren’t theirs. The judges have heard it before and aren’t going to believe it at all; however, an attorney can find ways to suppress the evidence against the person and try to have the charges dropped.

If a person is arrested and charged with drugs following a search of their vehicle or home, an attorney can take a look at how the search was conducted. A search can only be done if the person gives permission or if there is probably cause. If neither of these applies, the evidence cannot be used against the person, which means there may not be enough evidence to obtain a conviction against the person. This is an extremely basic overview of how this works though, and a person will need to consult with an attorney to see if it applies in their case as there are a lot of intricate details in search and seizure laws.

Another way to try to have the charges dropped is to prove the evidence has been tampered with. From the time the evidence is collected it must follow a chain of command which cannot be broken, and if it is, the evidence may be considered compromised and might be able to be suppressed. Like the example above, if the evidence is suppressed it cannot be used against the person in court and may lead to the charges being dropped due to a lack of evidence.

There are other ways drug possession attorneys can have evidence suppressed and the charges dropped as well. It could be that the initial stop was illegal or that the evidence collected wasn’t actually drugs and was something else that tested incorrectly at the scene. An attorney will go over every piece of evidence against their client and the details of the search to determine if there is any way to suppress the evidence and have the charges dropped.

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