After a Denial for Compensation, Workplace Accident Attorneys Can Help

Injuries that occur in the workplace are supposed to be covered by worker’s compensation. In most cases, the person can obtain the compensation they need for medical bills and related expenses. However, there are a few reasons why a person could be denied compensation. To appeal this decision, they’ll need to work with one of the local Workplace Accident Attorneys.

False Claim for Compensation

The insurance company for the workplace can deny the compensation if they believe the person has filed a false claim for compensation. Usually, they’ll do this because they believe the person wasn’t actually injured or that they were not at work when the injury occurs. The person will need to appeal the decision and prove the injury occurred at the workplace to be able to obtain compensation.

Under the Influence When the Accident Occurred

If a person is under the influence while working and is injured, they typically cannot obtain compensation for their injuries. This is a common reason for denial, but it can occur due to issues with testing and a person can be accused of being under the influence even if they were not. If they were not under the influence but they were denied for this reason, they need to seek legal assistance to file an appeal.

Failure to Provide Necessary Documentation

There is a lot of paperwork needed to file for worker’s compensation and a person recovering from their injuries can easily make mistakes. If this is the reason for the denial, they may want to have an attorney help them file the appeal. The attorney will make sure they have all evidence of their injuries and their expenses so the appeal is more likely to be approved and so they can get the compensation they need.

These are just a few of the main reasons why worker’s compensation could be denied. If you’ve applied for worker’s compensation for an injury that occurred on the job, you need to speak with one of the local Workplace Accident Attorneys as soon as possible. Talk to an attorney from the Aquino Law Group today to get the help you need to appeal the denial and obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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