Understanding Spousal Support Law in New Market, Maryland

One of the bad things about going through a divorce (besides the divorce itself) is that one party may be required to pay spousal maintenance to the other. There are different kinds of spousal maintenance that the court will grant, and the person who is charged to do so should know about these types. An attorney who represents clients in divorces also helps them to understand the Spousal Support Law in New Market, Maryland. Here are some things that the potential spouse should know about the laws regarding spousal maintenance.

Spousal Maintenance in Maryland

Parties involved in a divorce should understand that there are two types of spousal maintenance (also called alimony) in Maryland: alimony before the divorce is finalized and alimony after the divorce. In the first type of alimony, the court will award it to be paid in order for the spouses to maintain financial status quo and does not necessarily mean that alimony will be granted after the divorce. The second type of alimony is known as permanent alimony and is paid to the other spouse after the divorce is finalized.

More About Spousal Maintenance in Maryland

It is important to remember that the decree for alimony or spousal support must be filed before the divorce is finalized. Otherwise, the party in need of the alimony cannot file after the divorce proceedings are concluded. The alimony that is awarded will be either rehabilitative, which is temporary alimony to help the other spouse recover financially or go to school to gain skills, or indefinite, which may last until one of the ex-spouses dies. This alimony will be awarded if the other spouse is physically or mentally unable to provide for themselves.

A Divorce Attorney in New Market, Maryland

When looking for a divorce attorney on the website or in the Yellow Pages, people should choose one with a proven record. If someone is going through a divorce and is seeking an attorney who knows about spousal support law in New Market, Maryland, Russell & Heffner is a law firm that takes those kinds of cases. Visit us for more information.

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