What to Do After a Brain Injury in Bethlehem, PA

Unfortunately, a brain injury can happen to a person of any age, background, or situation and such a severe incident is all but impossible to predict and prevent. Some safety measures can be taken, of course, such as wearing your seatbelt when riding in or driving a vehicle. This is not always enough to stop something terrible from happening; however, this is no reason for you to be left with mountains of medical bills and a life-altering injury without some justice carried out.

You see, many people experience a brain injury in Bethlehem, PA because of the negligence of direct actions of another party. For example, you might be the victim of a drunk driving accident that resulted in serious injury to your head and other areas of the body. After such an event, it is your right to demand compensation to cover long-term medical bills, therapies, and wage losses.


A Bethlehem brain injury case is costly, especially after you hire the legal, medical, financial, and scientific experts needed to prove that your injury even exists. These injuries are more difficult to diagnose and prove compared to other physical injuries because you can have brain damage without any immediate outward signs. The symptoms could be subtle, such as short-term memory loss or impaired vision or hearing, meaning that you need an attorney to advance the costs of pursuing the case.

Your Rights

After a brain injury, certain symptoms may cause you to be taken advantage of by the opposing party, especially if they have powerful attorneys on their side of the court. Insurance companies especially will employ many underhanded strategies to discredit you and you need someone with a clear mind and knowledge of the law on your side to fight such a thing. You deserve to be covered as you heal and adjust to the changes after your injury and a proper professional can help make that possible.

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