A Personal Injury Lawyer In Macomb County, MI Will Help You Receive The Settlement You Deserve

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When an accident occurs, it can leave you unable to work and to enjoy life. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Macomb County MI should offer a free consultation to discuss the strength of your case and the legal action that should be started. A lawyer will stand up against the insurance company because they will try to force an injured victim to settle for less money than they’re entitled to. A personal injury lawyer should have years of experience representing personal injury victims from automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents. They should have to be experienced in medical malpractice, dog bites, workers’ compensation injuries, and so much more.

Monetary compensation from a negligent act should cover someone’s medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and more. No two cases are the same, and a personal injury lawyer in Macomb County MI will explain a victim’s legal rights to them so they can make an informed decision. A personal injury lawyer doesn’t charge a fee for their services while the case is pending, so there’s no need to worry about any upfront money to pay legal fees. If they win the case and a victim receives a settlement, a percentage of the settlement will be paid to the attorney. This is discussed during a free consultation. If a victim is unable to travel to the lawyer’s office, they should be willing to travel to the hospital or a victim’s home.

A personal injury lawyer will always consult a victim about the case. If the lawyer thinks the settlement is too low, he or she will inform the victim and they will determine if they should continue negotiations. If the insurance company continues to refuse to offer a fair settlement, the lawyer will prepare the case for the court in front of a judge or a jury. A lawyer will never be able to give a victim an exact amount of money they should receive based on their injuries but is capable of giving them an estimate. There’s no reason a victim has to suffer financially and physically when a personal injury lawyer can help. For more information, contact us.

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