The Vehicle Lemon Law In Florida

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Attorney

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There are many reasons why someone would purchase or lease a brand new automobile, one major reason is the vehicle is expected to provide many thousands of miles of trouble free driving. In the majority of cases they do, however, a small percentage of new cars are lemons. If you bought or leased a new car in the state of Florida and it turns out to be a lemon, you have recourse under the law. The Florida Lemon Law provides for arbitration which can result in a refund of the original purchase price or a replacement substantially identical to the defective vehicle.
The Florida Lemon Law only applies to new cars that have been purchased or leased, used cars are not included under the law.

What is a lemon under Florida law?

The Lemon Law rights period in Florida is 24 months after the date of delivery of the vehicle, for it to be found a lemon under the law; certain things have to have occurred.

  *  The defect must “substantially” impair the use, value or safety of the car
  *  You must have tried at least three times to have the defect repaired, and
  *  Due to the defect, the car must have been unavailable for your use for 15 days minimum

If the car meets these criteria you must make the manufacturer aware by giving them a defect notice, this letter must be sent by registered or express mail. The intent of the letter is to put the manufacturer on notice and to give them one more chance to repair the problem.

Consider hiring a lawyer:

The Florida Lemon Law may look relatively straight forward but things can get complicated quickly when you are trying to deal with a major vehicle manufacturer. It is often well worth the cost to hire an experienced Florida Lemon Law attorney to get you the satisfaction that you deserve.

If you buy or lease a car in Florida and it turns out to have serious defects that cannot be repaired the Florida Lemon Law has been enacted to provide you with legal recourse. For further information and a list of lemon law attorneys in Florida you are invited to visit us

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