A Layman’s Explanation of What a Corporate Lawyer Does

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Lawyers

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Most people have watched the over-dramatized criminal defense television shows such as Law and Order at one time or another. There is so much more to the legal world than just putting bad guys on trial and locking them away. Some of these other areas of law, unfortunately, are not as interesting and do not present enough of an appeal to be broadcast in the form of a television drama.

Corporate and business law, for example, is a topic that an average day individual might consider to be boring. Business owners are one of the few people who enjoy sitting around and talking about business matters all day. The first time you get injured using a faulty product or you get fired for unjust reasons, you will understand why corporate and business law are so important.

What Exactly Does an Attorney of Corporate Law Do?

The responsibilities of a Corporate Lawyer include any and all business legal matters. This is a lawyer who would frequently deal with liability lawsuits and other issues related to a business. It is not uncommon for the owner of a business to reach out to a law firm such as Legal Philly to hire a lawyer to work in-house for all of their legal needs.

The Statistics

There are anywhere from 700,000 to a little over one million lawyers practicing in the United States, according to Harvard Law School. While the numbers are not easy to estimate, Harvard also estimates that only six percent of the lawyers are practicing business law. Even then, the largest percentage of business lawyers are involved in insurance related legal matters. Following insurance the larger areas of business law include employment, commercial banks, securities, and investments.

Each state in America has their own rules and regulations regarding the right and wrong way to deal with legal issues. Business owners have enough on their plates without having to worry about all the legal aspects of running a business. One of the biggest responsibilities of a local corporate lawyer is to make sure a business owner is not doing anything that would put their company at risk of a lawsuit.



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