Work Injury Lawyers Can Get Injured Workers Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Lawyers

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Workplace stress-related injuries are usually physical, arising from repetitive motions that cause carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strain and other painful conditions. In some cases, these injuries can cause emotional or mental injuries that entitle the victim to compensation. In the article below is a look at both types of stress-related work injuries.

Physical Stress-Related Injuries

These injuries are usually easy to spot. An example of a stress-related work injury could be a typist who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, a stock person suffering chronic back pain from lifting heavy objects, or a road worker suffering nerve damage due to prolonged jackhammer use. In these examples, an employee does their job and sustains a physical injury. Ordinarily, a person cannot sue an employer due to worker’s comp laws, but the system does offer legal remedies to injured workers.

The Worker’s Comp System

Under the US worker’s compensation system, an injured worker can receive part of their average income while they’re out of work getting treatment for an injury. To receive benefits, the worker must make an incident report to the company’s insurer or the HR department. The worker must receive medical treatment so a doctor can determine if the condition is linked to the job.

During the claims process, the worker may have to submit to an exam by the insurer’s physician. The exam is supposed to be independent, but the doctor does work for the insurer, who’s motivated to pay as little as possible. A worker would be well advised to hire Work injury lawyers during this part of the process.

Benefits Workers May Receive

For a repetitive stress injury that wasn’t pre-existing and is related to on-the-job physical exertion, under worker’s compensation an employee can receive:

1. Weekly compensation
2. Permanent disability payments
3. Payment of medical bills
4. Vocational rehab (either training or placement in another position)

To learn about benefits that are available under worker’s comp, Work injury lawyers with¬†Business Name can provide workers with legal advice and information. Once the worker returns to the job, they should ask their employer for help in avoiding the re-aggravation of the injury.

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