Why Getting Professional Legal Help with a Workplace Injury Claim Is Vital for Anyone Hurt on the Job

In this day and age, workplace injuries are fairly commonplace. Whether they happen because a worker was not properly trained on safety procedures or because of an unexpected equipment malfunction, the good news is that most employers are required to carry a workers’ compensation insurance policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that injured workers will be able to pay their medical bills and basic living expenses while they are away from the job. Unfortunately, many claimants find out the hard way that the claims process to get these benefits doesn’t always work as outlined.

For those who have run into this scenario, here’s why getting legal help is a must:

  • In the quest to save money, insurers sometimes get too comfortable engaging in unlawful activities that hurt the very people they claim to help. Sometimes, an insurer will flat out deny a workplace injury claim and hope that the worker just moves on. Because they have the power to request that the worker see a certain doctor, they may send them to a medical professional who receives incentives in exchange for misdiagnosing patients or claiming to find nothing wrong with them. However, with an attorney on their side, claimants will be able to fight back against these injustices by building a solid case for compensation with the help of medical experts.
  • If none of the aforementioned tactics are successful, an insurer may resort to trying to give a worker’s compensation claimant less than they truly deserve for their injury. In many cases, more severe injuries that keep a person away from work longer (or possibly forever) warrant bigger settlements; however, if a worker is not aware of how this works, they may end up settling for an offer that is way too low. An attorney can not only help a person determine a fair value for their Workplace Injuries claim, but they can also communicate with the insurance company on their behalf to negotiate a better offer.

The legal complexities of proving a medical injury and fighting an insurer for fair compensation make it highly unlikely that a claimant can win their case without assistance from a qualified attorney. Get in touch with the legal team at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas LLP to learn more about how having an attorney present throughout the worker’s compensation claims process can result in a much better outcome in just about any case.

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