What a Criminal Defendant Can Expect When Relying on Federal Defense Attorneys

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Cases handled by federal defense attorneys often pose the risk of significant prison time for the defendants. These individuals want lawyers providing smart, aggressive defense so they can avoid the worst consequences after being charged with a federal crime.

Negotiating Plea Bargains

People who are indeed guilty may want the lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution instead of going to trial. Those who are innocent have the option of pleading guilty if they are scared of the risk of going to trial. This can be a preferable option if the jail sentence is very short or eliminated altogether. The downside is that the person will have this conviction on their record, which may cause certain problems in the future.

An experienced lawyer knows how to negotiate with the prosecution in regard to charges to include. Reduced charges or dropping of certain charges are commonly parts of a plea bargain. Minimum prison sentences may be significantly lower or nonexistent for reduced charges.

Going to Trial

Federal defense attorneys also bring cases to court if this is what the client wants, whether the person is guilty or not. A guilty individual may want to face a jury if the evidence seems slim. An innocent person may want to keep their name clear of any criminal record, and may trust the legal system to work as it should. A plea deal can often be arranged during the trial if things start to look problematic.

Calling Expert Witnesses

Strategies used by a firm such as in a trial may include having expert witnesses testify. These individuals use their own experience and knowledge to support the defendant’s statements and innocence, and to counter evidence presented by the prosecution. They can be very persuasive to a jury, especially when the evidence is questionable.

Utilizing Private Detectives

Private investigators can also be hired to conduct their own evaluations of what happened during the alleged offense. They may be asked to investigate witnesses to be called by the prosecution as well. They search for information that will undermine the prosecuting team’s version of the facts. You can follow them on Twitter.

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