Walk-Through Tarrant County Bail Bonds

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Bail Bond

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Most people are aware of the type of Tarrant County Bail Bonds used to get arrested loved ones out of jail as soon as a bail amount has been determined. This process allows those arrested to work with a lawyer to prepare a strong defense for a trial, continue to get back and forth to work if they have a job, or get back home to meet family obligations. In those cases, the bond agent educates people on the process, what to expect, and the risks of leaving town. Some companies provide a client liaison at the criminal courthouse daily for any immediate needs and additional support.

Walk-Through Bonds

The walk-through type of else is issued to people with arrest warrants out on them. The purpose of this bond is to keep people out of jail when they turn themselves in to law enforcement. It is a way to be proactive and prepared for the inevitable outcome of the situation. Getting a walk-through bond begins by going into the office of an experienced company, such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds, with a valid picture form of identification.

Staff is available to explain the process, help in filling out forms, and take payment. A any accompanies the person into the police station to present the bond. The accused is then arrested, fingerprinted, and released without spending any time in jail. A walk-through bond eliminates the embarrassment of being arrested in front of family, coworkers, or in public.

Download Forms

All forms needed for both traditional and walk-through bonds are available on the website for convenience. Download the applicable forms, fill them out at home, and bring them to the office. This expedites the process and gets loved ones out of jail faster. Calling the company with any preliminary questions is also helpful to family members.

It is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed when a family member is arrested, so do not hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind. Compare bond companies because some are flexible regarding financial arrangements, support services, and availability. Look for decades of experience, twenty-four hour a day services, and education services.

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