Vital Reasons to Retain a Mediation Attorney in Woodland Hills, CA

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When you want to resolve your legal case as quickly as possible, you may want to avoid going before a judge and waiting for the case to go through the court system. You prefer to bypass the weeks and months involved with it.

Instead, you may prefer to settle the case faster and avoid having to appear before a judge. Your solution, then, could be to retain counsel like a mediation attorney in Woodland Hills, CA to assist you.

Faster Settlement

When you opt for mediation instead of the traditional court process, you may get your case settled in a matter of weeks, if not faster. The mediator acts with the court’s authority and reports to a judge. However, you avoid having to go before the judge yourself and can entrust the mediator to tell the judge what is going on with the case for you.

Less Expense

Further, mediation can cost far less than paying for court costs and filing fees. You might pay a fraction of the price for mediating your case. When you want to deal with your case as affordably as possible, you may choose a mediator instead of appearing before a judge.

You can find out more about the benefits of hiring a mediation attorney in Woodland Hills, CA to handle your case for you online. To find out how this service works, you can reach out to Karagozian & Rudolph, PC at

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