The Facts of Hiring a Criminal Law Attorney in Birmingham AL

You’ve been arrested for DUI or other criminal offense. The arresting officer says you have the right to have an attorney represent you if you wish. What are you going to do? People often think that lawyers are expensive and unnecessary. After all, anyone can represent themselves in court, right? Of course this notion is right, but is it really the wisest course? Before deciding whether to represent yourself or hire a Criminal Law Attorney in Birmingham AL, you should consider the following facts.


It is true that if you hire a defense attorney, it will cost some money. Moreover, representing yourself is free. But you know the old saying “You get what you pay for.” A criminal defense lawyer is very familiar with the functioning of the judiciary system. In court, time is important. It can mean the difference between getting the case acquitted and having to go to trial. Unless you are well informed about when, where and what documents should be filed with the court, it’s best to seek the help of a good criminal defense attorney.


Defense attorneys are well versed in the law. Sometimes lawyers can get a case thrown because it can challenge the legality of the arrest on which the arrest was made. Some disputes revolve around subtle interpretations of the law. However, a deep knowledge of the law is a must. Since it’s unlikely you know what to do, it’s much better to let a defense attorney with experience do the work.

It’s your constitutional right

Everyone has the right to a fair trial, however, often the police or prosecution lawyers may try to pressure you to plead guilty so give up that right. Prosecutors may even make it sound like he or she is doing you a favor when in fact, they want you to plead guilty, simply because they have enough evidence for a court of law to convict you. A good Criminal Law Attorney in Birmingham AL will make sure this does not happen and that your constitutional rights are not neglected.

When deciding whether or not to hire a criminal defense attorney, be sure to consider the above factors. Money should not be the only consideration. Rather, you should consider whether their knowledge of the law and constitutional rights are equal to that of a lawyer with experience in defense. For more information, Contact Forstman Cutchen today.

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