What a Social Security Lawyer Wants People to Know

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Lawyers

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If you are looking for a Social Security lawyer in Maryville, you probably believe you have a case. Here are some things that lawyers want potential clients to know before the process begins:

Should You File for Social Security Disability?

Social Security is a type of insurance that pays benefits to those who are disabled. However, not everyone is qualified for it. For instance, you must have worked and paid taxes for a certain period of time to be eligible for disability payments. You also must have a medical condition that is preventing you from working.

Get a Lawyer on Your Side as Soon as You Can

It is also recommended that you get a Social Security lawyer in Maryville as soon as possible. This makes the filing process much easier, and ultimately, it can make your odds of getting approved for benefits much better. These lawyers know how to fill out forms, they know how to deal with hearings, and they have the experience you want on your side.

Really…Don’t Wait

According to statistics from the Social Security Administration, approximately 60 percent of all disability claims are denied. Most of these are people who have chosen to go through the process on their own. It is possible to ask that your application is reviewed again, but you certainly don’t want to go through the process on your own again. During the appeals process, about 85 percent of claims are approved thanks to the involvement of an attorney.

The Payment

Finally, Social Security lawyers want you to understand how the payment process works. You do not have to pay your lawyer unless they win your case. Then, the lawyer gets 25 percent of your back pay, which is taken before you receive your benefits.

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