What to Expect from Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Live Oak, FL

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In Florida, workers’ compensation is provided to assist injured workers during their recovery. The insurance benefits cover the full expense of medical treatment starting on the day of the accident. Financial benefits are provided for workers who require a more extensive recovery period. Workers’ compensation lawyers in Live Oak, FL help workers who are denied either benefits.

A Complete Assessment of the Original Claim

The attorneys begin with a complete assessment of the original claim. The purpose of the assessment is to determine if the employer completed all forms correctly and provided all medical evidence. The claims are approved according to the terms of the policies. If the claim met all requirements as defined by the terms, the insurer cannot deny the claim legally.

Deciphering Legalities That Apply to the Case

The assessment also helps the attorneys decipher any legalities that apply to the case. For instance, workers who are required to take prescription medications cannot be disqualified if the medication is found in their system. If the worker failed the drug screening due to their medication, the insurer isn’t within their rights to deny the claim.

Identifying Unethical Employers

The evaluation of the claim could also define whether or not the employer acted unethically. Too often employers do not process claims correctly in hopes of an immediate denial. For managers in retail stores, the approval of work-related injuries could jeopardize the collection of an annual bonus.

Collecting More Sufficient Evidence

The claim must have sufficient evidence when it is processed initially. The attorneys review all evidence used when the claim was filed. Surveillance footage from inside the workplace is credible evidence that is sometimes omitted from workers’ compensation claims. The lawyers will submit a motion to collect the footage if necessary.

In Florida, workers’ compensation is required for all employers who hire more than one employee. The insurance policy provides financial benefits to pay off the medical expenses for the injured worker. The worker receives up to 80% of their wages if they cannot return to work immediately. Injured workers who were denied the benefits are encouraged to contact workers’ compensation lawyers in Live Oak, FL or visit Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com for more details now.

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