Why Hire an Immigration Law Firm in Dallas TX?

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Many potential immigrants to the United States may try to handle the process by themselves. This can be a mistake. There are several advantages to hiring an immigration law firm in Dallas TX to assist you with the process.

Immigration law is unforgiving. It is also complex. As such, it is easy to make a mistake that cannot easily be corrected; some mistakes are irreversible. If an immigration official, be it an officer or a judge, determines that you have misrepresented yourself or attempted to defraud the country, you can be barred from immigration benefits.

There are very good reasons for hiring an immigration attorney:

They Don’t Make Mistakes

An extremely important part of the process is completing and filing the correct paperwork. The paperwork that is required for getting a visa, bringing your loved one to the US for marriage, etc. is extensive and complex. There are many opportunities to make irreversible errors. A seasoned immigration attorney can take you through the steps without making errors that can derail your case.


Experience is intangible; however, it is invaluable when you are faced with an immigration issue. An immigration attorney has dealt with many people with the same or similar requirements.

Knowledge of Regulations and Permits

An immigration attorney knows what has to be done to accomplish what it is you want and need. It may be getting you a work permit or getting you full US citizenship.

You might be able to make it through the complexities of the process. There is an equally good chance you won’t. It is easy to overlook something that will tie you up in a complicated regulatory system, or worse, end up being rejected.

Any dealings with immigration are complex; in most cases, there are many steps to take and many forms to complete. A good immigration law firm in Dallas TX can guide you through the process, ensuring a more favorable outcome. Visit Khavari & Moghadassi for more information.

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