Reviewing the Process for Workers’ Compensation in Milledgeville, GA

In Georgia, workers’ compensation insurance is required by federal laws for all employers who hire more than one worker. The coverage pays for medical expenses and wage replacement for the injured workers. An attorney explains laws related to workers’ compensation in Milledgeville, GA.

Medical Treatment for the Injured Worker

Any time that a worker is injured, the employer must send the worker to an urgent care facility or emergency room for medical treatment where a doctor must complete an examination and a medical report for the worker. The report explains the worker’s injuries and how long it will take for them to recover from the injuries.

Completing the Necessary Forms

The human resources manager must complete a workers’ compensation claim for workers who are injured on the job. The claim examines all the details about the accident that caused the injuries and the worker’s prognosis. All forms are sent to the workers’ compensation insurer for a review.

The Claims Adjuster’s Role

The claims adjuster reviews the documentation and the accident. The events that caused the worker’s injuries must meet the terms of the insurance policy. The adjuster determines if the worker followed all company policies or if the employer was guilty of an OSHA violation. If the worker doesn’t comply with company policies, the claim is denied. Failing a drug or alcohol test is grounds for a denial and possible termination of employment.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Workers Who Were Denied Benefits

Workers who are eligible for workers’ compensation coverage and were denied the benefits must take their claim to court. The attorney reviews the original claim and determines if the worker was eligible. The insurer must show exactly why the worker was denied. If the worker wins their case, the insurer or the employer must provide them a lump sum settlement for all monetary benefits and medical coverage.

In Georgia, workers’ compensation insurance offers coverage for work-related injuries and monetary benefits to replace the worker’s wages. The terms of the policy dictate what criteria the accident and injuries must meet to obtain coverage. Injured workers who want to learn more about workers’ compensation in Milledgeville, GA can contact Edwards & Bullard Law and schedule an appointment right now.

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