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The decision to get a divorce is sometimes the last thing couples agree on. It is common for people to suddenly lose patience with the person they once loved when separation begins. Divorce causes fear, emotional pain, and anger. Mediation is not a process that works for everyone, but for some couples, it is a sensible and affordable choice.

Focus on Communication

A divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN can act as a mediator or represent a client as they take part in the mediation process. A mediator has no control over the outcome but encourages people to talk openly and stay calm. During mediation, each party expresses their opinion over custody issues, property division, and much more.

Debate the Discussion

Private discussions take place during mediation breaks after the initial meeting between the spouses and their representatives. The break allows each spouse to discuss with their legal advisors or others the matters brought up during meditation. Lawyers want their clients to speak their minds during this stage because they need to know what changes (if any) their client desires.

Negotiate any Disagreements

Not every mediation will result in an agreement. The second joint discussion allows people to say what they dislike about proposed agreements and offer an alternative plan. People never have to accept anything that makes them uncomfortable or seems biased during a mediation. The process is only an attempt to avoid allowing a judge to make a final decision.

Decide Next Step

Mediation tries to solve the conflicts that began during the divorce discussions. If successful, the couple has a final agreement. If mediation fails, the client and their divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN will meet with the other party and their legal representative in court. The judge will usually approve the agreements both approved during mediation and then decide on those items that were not as easily solved.

The mediation process can take an hour or two or it could force people to meet multiple times over a few weeks. All situations are unique, so it is impossible to predict an outcome. Some law firms like Blatz Law Office, LTD. offer mediation services. Contact a lawyer to find out more about this alternative.

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