Reasons to Seek Help From a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Making the decision to get behind the wheel after having one too many is not the smartest move. To some extent, is it a good thing for the police to pull the driver over before some sort of accident takes place. Even so, there is now the matter of pending court dates. Rather than showing up in court without representation, it pays to seek the services of a drunk driving defense attorney. Here are some of the things that the attorney will do on behalf of the client.

Evaluating the Events Leading Up to the Arrest

Even if the client readily admits that there is alcohol involved, the drunk driving defense attorney will want to go back over all the details related to the arrest. What prompted the police officer to pull over the driver? Were the actions of the officer in line with current laws and regulations? At any time, were the rights of the client ignored or violated?

Keep in mind if there are any witnesses to the events, the attorney will want to speak with them at length. The goal is to get a good understanding of everything that was said and done at the time of the arrest.

Reviewing the Record of the Client

Taking a look at the prior record of the client is also important to the defense strategy. Is this a first offense for drunk driving? Are there any other offenses on the driving record, even things like parking tickets? The goal is to make it clear that the client exhibited a momentary lapse of judgment and does not drive while intoxicated on a regular basis. When the driving record is clean, the judge has more leeway in terms of imposing the lightest sentence allowed by law.

Even when there is no question that the individual was driving while under the influence of alcohol, that does not mean going without legal representation is an option. Visit and arrange to meet with an attorney today. Doing so will make it possible to review all relevant factors and come up with a defense that ensures the rights of the client are protected at all times. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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