After My Application is Denied, What is the Next Step?

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Law

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When living with a disability, gaining valuable social security disability benefits can be the difference between a stable and healthy life and a struggling day-to-day existence. Unfortunately, less than half of applicants are approved for benefits after sending in their initial application. Given that this step alone can take up to a full year, this puts those with disabilities in a tricky position.

So the question remains: what should one do after their application has been denied? The most important thing is to not give up. Many different routes exist for you to appeal the decision, and attempt to still gain the benefits you rightfully deserve. Hiring a strong attorney for the appeals process is even more recommended than during the initial application process. To successfully argue your case, and properly navigate this area of the benefits process, you will need an individual on your side who is highly knowledgeable and educated.

The first step will be sitting down with your attorney to plan for the next step in the appeals process. There are four general appeals stages that you may find yourself dealing with:

*  Reconsideration: Best done within 60 days after the initial rejection, a reconsideration is the perfect time to present more evidence to support your case.
*  Administrative Law Judge Hearing: If you find that you’re still denied the benefits you deserve, you can request an appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge
*  Appeals Council Review: This review council will either deny your request for a review altogether, remand the case back to the ALJ, or issue a new decision that rewards you the benefits you apply for.
Federal Court Hearing: Very few cases go to the federal level, but when they do, your legal defense will need to be ready more than ever.

Each one of these steps will potentially take up to a year to navigate, so it is important that you begin your application for benefits as soon as possible. The longer you wait to begin down the path to benefits, the longer you put yourself at risk for being in an unstable financial and health position.

Thankfully, the New Jersey disability application process is rather straightforward when you have the help of a talented disability attorney at your disposal. With their expertise, you will be guided through the appeals process by a steady and knowledgeable hand. For dedicated attorneys who are dedicated to gaining you the benefits you need, go no further than the Mazur Disability law firm. To begin your path toward a healthier and more stable life, please contact us at your convenience to set up a free consultation.

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