Protect Yourself By Driving Defensively, Says A Car Accident Attorney In Holland, MI

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Lawyers

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One of the best gifts that anyone could give to someone that they love, especially a new driver, is a defensive driving course. Michigan is doing more than many states to protect teenage by having a graduated licensing system. The young drivers may not appreciate it yet, but this law is helping to keep them safer, reports a from.

More driving knowledge can still be useful. The biggest problem with young drivers is one that most people experienced themselves – a sense of invulnerability. They tend to believe that nothing really bad will happen to them. Not all teens feel this way, of course, but many do and it’s expressed in their driving.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is defined as driving in a way that will save lives, money and time, regardless of the conditions and the actions of others. Recognizing that it’s impossible to change what another driver is going to do is essential.

There are three primary defensive driving tips. It takes self-discipline to follow these rules every time you get behind the wheel, but it will greatly reduce the chances of an accident. Violating these rules puts the driver, any passengers and others in danger.

1. Keep an Eye on the Big Picture

People talk about the big picture, but it’s not always defined. The goal is to never be caught unaware. Every other driver may be thinking about something other than driving, there might be a big pothole ahead or another road hazard, the truck coming up in the rear might be going too fast. Check the rear-view mirrors frequently.

2. The Escape Plan

Be prepared for a car running a red light, a child dashing in front of the car or a tire blowing out on the vehicle ahead and bouncing straight for your car. Where can you go in an emergency? It takes time and practice to develop this skill, but it will become instinct eventually.

3. Don’t be Distracted

Every distraction can be deadly. Eating, drinking, smoking, daydreaming or talking on the phone.

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