How a DUI Defense Lawyer Can Prevent a Conviction

by | May 4, 2017 | Attorney

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There’s a wide gray area in DUI cases, and many different defense angles are used in court. If a person is facing charges, a DUI Defense Lawyer is the best way to achieve a good outcome. It’s important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible, as DUI charges are time-sensitive. Below are several defense options available in DUI cases.

An Unjustified Stop

DUI defense lawyers might be able to document that the arresting officer stopped a motorist without probable cause. While this does not negate a DUI charge, it can benefit a case by proving that the defendant was falsely implicated in an offense.

No Miranda Warning

When making an arrest, officers are required to read a suspect his or her Miranda rights. If they weren’t read, or they were read improperly, a lawyer may be able to use this fact to render certain evidence inadmissible in court. It is best to have witness testimony or to have a DUI Defense Lawyer ask for audio or video taken during the stop.

Challenging Officers’ Statements

In the courtroom, the officer will review the arrest and cite reasons for pulling the suspect over, as well as things that suggested the suspect’s intoxication. Defendants have the legal right to challenge an officer’s testimony, though they’ll have to explain why they looked intoxicated or couldn’t pass a sobriety test.

Improper Testing

In many DUI cases, a defendant has submitted to a blood or breath testing to determine their intoxication. However, mistakes can occur. If a client and his or her attorney can prove that the tools were incorrectly calibrated or tampered with, or that the test was improperly administered, it can invalidate the measured BAC.

Inaccurate BAC

Along with the previous section, a client can contend that his or her BAC was altered or incorrect for multiple reasons. Certain medications or foods can cause an inaccurate on-site reading, and for chemical testing, factors related to alcohol consumption time can prove that the person wasn’t driving while intoxicated. It is best to have legal counsel in such scenarios, as proving incorrect BAC requires special skills.

Hiring a DUI defense lawyer can substantially help a person’s case, and clients shouldn’t hesitate to call the team at if they’re facing charges. Call today or visit the website to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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