Oklahoma Residents Who Work on an Oil Field Need to Know These Things

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Oil is one of the most in-demand commodities on the face of planet Earth. Although oil is going to run out one day — at least the Earth’s share of oil will, that’s for sure — people use oil and its derivatives without restraint in today’s world. You may have heard that oil field workers get paid quite a bit of money for doing blue-collar, roughneck-type work. Further, people who have even the most extensive criminal records can find employment on oil fields if they are hard workers. There are a few downsides of these jobs, including the fact that good pay comes at the risk of bodily injury. Here’s what all oil field workers need to know about potentially sustaining a bodily or financial injury on the job.

Sometimes, Employers Aren’t Responsible for Injuries: Equipment Manufacturers Are

Oil rigs are large, hefty machines. If just one single part malfunctions, everyone who’s working on the rig can find themselves in serious physical harm. Considering that both you and your employer were doing their jobs like they were supposed to and something still went wrong, you could find an oil rig manufacturer or part manufacturer guilty of negligence.

Is Your Equipment Where It’s Supposed to Be?

Assume you park too close to an oil rig and it collapses. Your vehicle is likely not covered, and it’s your fault for parking so close. Oil field injury attorneys in Oklahoma can, however, help you if you were parked where you were supposed to be.

Were You Wearing PPE?

Oil field injury attorneys in Oklahoma will always want to know if you were wearing proper personal protective equipment at the time of the accident. If so, you are likely in good shape.

Our attorneys in Oklahoma can help with all of the situations listed here, so contact Little, Oliver & Gallagher PLLC to find out about your rights.

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