Need a Bail Bondsman in Amsterdam, NY?

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Legal

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Arrested or jailed in Amsterdam? No problem. As soon as bail is set, a bail bondsman in Amsterdam NY can help arrange bail and pretrial release for defendants held in local jails.

Is Everyone Eligible for Bail?

The purpose of bail is to ensure a defendant appears at trial. This means almost everyone will be eligible for bail. However, if the court believes a defendant is a flight risk, poses a danger to the community, or has committed a particularly heinous crime, bail may be denied. Courts may also set bail so high that a defendant has no way to pay it and may not even be able to pay the fee for a bond.

How Do Bonds Work?

While bail is the amount of money a court requires to ensure a defendant appears at trial, bond is the promise to pay that money if a defendant fails to appear. The person making the promise to pay is known as a surety. For the court to accept a surety’s promise, the surety has to prove they can pay the bail. A bail bondsman is a professional surety who has proven an ability to pay if a defendant fails to appear. The surety makes this promise in exchange for a fee, which is usually a percentage of the cash bond amount.

How Quickly Do Bondsmen Work?

By contacting a bondsman as soon as someone is arrested, it is possible to have the bondsman ready to handle bail as soon as bail is set. A 24-hour bondsman can post a bond as soon as bail is set, starting the release process. Once the process is begun, the jail can begin processing a defendant’s release. That can take anywhere from under an hour to several hours, depending on how many releases they have to process. The earlier the process is started, the sooner a defendant can be released.

Want More Information About Bonds or Bail?

Bail and bond can be difficult concepts for the uninitiated. That is why it is important to ask questions and the best person to ask about local bonds is a bail bondsman in Amsterdam NY.

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