Medical Negligence Attorneys in Macomb County, MI Can Help Clients Recover Damages

When people require surgery, the last thing they expect to happen is for the surgeon to make an error with the surgery. However, as skilled as surgeons may be at their craft, they are still human, and therefore, subject to human error. Unfortunately, this human error ends up being detrimental and stressful for the patients worked on. There is a remedy that will help to compensate. It is a personal injury lawsuit that is filed under medical malpractice or negligence. There are medical negligence attorneys in Macomb County MI who will help clients recover damages in such cases.

A client who is pursuing a medical negligence case must understand the statute of limitations for such personal injury cases. In Michigan, the client has two years from the date of the medically negligent act to file the lawsuit in a Michigan civil court. There is also the alternative to file the lawsuit within six months after the discovery of the medically negligent incident, if after the two year period. But the total amount of time cannot be exceed six years after the incident occurred. So the client must stay well aware of these restrictions.

When it comes to receiving damages, clients should be aware that there is a cap on non-economic damages. These non-economic damages include, but are not limited to, pain and suffering, physical impairment, being physically disfigured and inconvenience. The maximum damages amounts, as of 2002 are $349, 700 for the negligence of the defendants, and $624,500 for the negligence which cause paralysis because of a brain or spinal cord injury, impairment of the mental abilities, or a loss of the ability to reproduce. There are other factors the clients must also consider.

Macomb Injury Lawyers have been helping clients with medical malpractice and other personal injury cases in Macomb County, Michigan for over 46 years. The attorneys also practice in the areas of workers compensation and social security disability cases. Clients are invited to call for a free initial consultation. If any clients are in need of medical negligence attorneys in Macomb County MI or the surrounding area, the attorneys are available.

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