What You Should Know About Bail Bond Service in Canadian County, OK

What should you know before you call a bail bond service? There are a few basic elements that will explain the process. For example, the bail agent will find out where the person is being held, including the city and the name of the jail. This professional will contact jail personnel and get the important information, such as booking number, bail amount, and so on.

The Amount

This is the key to the entire process. Once the bail bond service in Canadian County, OK has this information, he or she can tell you how much it will cost to post bond and whether there are other requirements for getting the individual out of jail. This service will be very important if you or someone you want to release from jail is not able to post the full amount.

The amount that you pay the bail bond service depends on state laws and regulations, with 10% being a common rate based on the full amount. The premium that you pay is not refundable. This fee allows you or the defendant to be released, so that money is considered “fully earned” when the person is no longer in custody.

A Second Factor

The second factor in the process comes into play if the defendant doesn’t show up in court at the appointed time. Click here to learn more about all the details of the bail-bond process. But, here’s one example: If the person you bailed out doesn’t appear in court, the bail bond is considered “in default.”

If you used cash or other assets to secure the bond, you could lose that collateral. There are ways to remedy this situation, so you should learn as much about the system as you can. If you have questions or concerns, call and talk to a bonding agent.

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