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by | Sep 17, 2019 | Lawyers

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The fear of losing a home, or how to feed a family overwhelms anyone suddenly too injured or ill to work. Many people in this position have always supported themselves and their families and never expected to experience this type of fear. Thankfully, the benefits from social security can help to keep families safe and their medical needs met. The process of applying and qualifying for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) can seem confusing, but help is available.

Check the Qualifications

The government recognizes a variety of physical and psychological conditions as disabilities. The severity of the condition must prevent the individual from earning sufficient income. An employee cannot have the ability to perform the work they were engaged in at the start of the disability or perform any of the jobs they have completed over the last 15 years. SSDI Law Attorneys in Kingsport TN can help people to determine if their condition is accepted as a disability under the SSDI program.

Remember all Dependents

Spouses and children may also qualify for auxiliary benefits if they live with the person filing for disability. Spouses must be either 62 or older or have a child they care for under the age of 16. Children and grandchildren qualify if they are living in the home, are under the age of 18, and were at least partially financially supported by the applicant since birth.

Prepare for Application

The government requires a five-month waiting period for acceptance. SSDI Law Attorneys in Kingsport TN want people to remember that during this time, it is important for every applicant to continue to see their doctor and follow their instructions. It is difficult for many people to wait until they have eligibility, but any attempt to continue to work could worsen an injury and could disqualify the person for benefits. Nearly all workers that suddenly lose their employment will qualify for some type of unemployment compensation and other government benefits as they wait for their SSDI payments to begin.

A disability can change everything about life, but people never need to feel helpless. People with disabling conditions still enjoy their lives, can keep their assets, and care for their children. SSDI allows people to get stronger and concentrate on their health without the worry of how they will take care of their expenses. Contact Dean Greer and Associates P.C. to learn more.

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