How to Apply for Social Security Disability Insurance for Back Pain

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Law

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Even with a social security lawyer applying for disability in Ohio can be a very confusing ordeal. A lawyer will help with taking care of a lot of details and ultimately be beneficial, but before going to a lawyer is nice to know the basics of what lies ahead. Having chronic back pain is debilitating, but does that mean the Social Security Administration recognizes it? How much proof will the Social Security Administration require? Knowing if you have a case can be helpful before applying or going to an attorney’s office.

Back pain is such a general and widespread term that there are specific guidelines set by the Social Security Administration for what can qualify as a disability. Disorders of the spine, a term that encompasses a number of specific disorders, will qualify for disability if it results in a compromised nerve root with any of the following complications. The first complication is root nerve compression with a distribution of pain along the nervous system that results in a serious limitation of mobility, substantial reflex loss. The second complication is spinal arachnoiditis resulting in pain that forces a change of position every two hours or less with proper documentation from an operative report or biopsy report. The last acceptable complication is lumbar spinal stenosis causing weakness or pain that limits the ambulatory ability, backed up with proper medical documentation. All of these conditions must have either affected you for or a year or will affect you for one year. If you suffer from any of these conditions, then you most likely have a case and should move forward with your claim. In Ohio, a social security lawyer can help establish your medical documentation if needed.

Along with basic proof of the disorder that you are basing your claim on the Social Security Administration will likely also require other information as proof of disability. They will likely require names and numbers of all doctors or hospitals that have treated you, as well as dates of treatments. Job information dating back fifteen years may also be required. Family history and other basic information about your current household will be needed as well. Having all of this ready will aid you in moving your claim quickly.

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