How Can an Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY Help?

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Lawyers

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Car accidents are one of the most common accidents that can occur in a person’s life. According to the Association for Safe International Travel, 1.3 million people die in car accidents each year. This number equates to around 3,287 deaths a day. Thankfully, there are many accidents that do not cause death, but they do leave behind serious injuries. Those who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own need to be aware of their right to hire an Accident Attorney to help them understand their rights and pursue a case for compensation.

Meeting with an accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY area will allow a person to learn about their options for pursuing a case against the driver who caused the accident. They may pursue the case through the insurance company first to see what will be offered in the way of a settlement. The insurance company involved in the case is going to require certain pieces of information. They will obtain the police report, medical reports and medical bills. They will also want to review the vehicle damage.

Regrettably, most insurance companies do not offer fair settlements. They may completely deny a claim, delay it for weeks or months or offer a low settlement that is not just. Though an insurance company may be more willing to properly settle on a claim once a lawyer is involved, this is not always the case. In many instances, a lawyer needs to pursue a case in court.

A court case is often preceded by a mediation meeting. Mediation allows all parties in a case to sit down and go over the facts and try to reach a settlement. Through discussion, some cases are able to be settled quickly, so a person receives the money they need for their medical bills and damages. In some instances, the case must go on to court because an agreement cannot be reached. A court case allows the attorney to present ample evidence to help ensure the jury will rule in favor of the injured party.

Those who have been injured in a car accident can find the help they need by hiring an accident attorney in Brooklyn NY. Through the help of an attorney, an injured person can learn more about their options for pursuing a case so they can be fairly compensated.

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