Home Sellers Can Benefit From the Services of a Professional in Real Estate Law

Selling a home without a real estate agent can be quite a challenge for someone who has no experience. While the beginning stages of the process, including listing the home and taking offers can be done by almost anyone with the motivation to avoid real estate agent commissions, preparing the necessary documents is much more difficult. The good news is, anyone can sell their home without paying an agent if they know an experienced attorney who focuses on Real Estate Law.

Every seller must provide certain disclosures to their buyer. Failing to do so could result in legal trouble for the seller so homeowners should make every effort to determine everything that might be wrong with the property and inform the buyer. An attorney with experience in Real Estate Law may help a seller document these issues and also look over the sales contract to ensure it benefits the seller. A professional review of the contract is essential for home sales where an agent isn’t involved because a small mistake can cost the seller a lot of money.

Each state has specific documentation requirements for home sales. Although an individual seller isn’t expected to know every document that must be filed, an attorney should. Having a lawyer to look over the contract and prepare all of the forms can save a seller a lot of time and even expenses in the long term. After all, a seemingly minor mistake in one of the closing documents could result in a major setback for the final transaction. Since for sale by owner sellers are usually very motivated to transfer their property, investing in the skills and experience of an attorney only makes sense.

By hiring a lawyer such as Robert S. Cutrona Esq., home sellers can feel confident knowing a professional is reviewing their documents and ensuring all applicable state laws are followed. Incomplete documents can result in delays for the closing and negative feelings between the buyer and seller. Smart sellers always work with a lawyer even when they feel like they don’t need the expertise of a real estate agent.

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