If You Hire A Disability Lawyer How Much Will It Cost?

by | May 4, 2017 | Law

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A Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri does not charge any fees up front nor does he or she expect a retainer to take your case. If there is a reasonably good chance that you have a winning case, the disability lawyer will accept your case based on contingency; this simply means that should they fail to win your case you pay them nothing.

When your lawyer accepts your case you will be asked to enter into an agreement which is reviewed by Social Security Administration personnel to ensure it meets all the guidelines and it gives the Administration the right to pay your lawyer upon the successful conclusion of your case.

What is the fee?

The legal fee that can be charged by a Social Security lawyer in Missouri is one that has been set by law; the fee is limited to 25 percent of the eventual back pay that is awarded up to a maximum of $6,000. It is important to understand that your lawyer is paid from your back-pay only. It would be rare for no back pay to be awarded but in the event that is the case you will not have to pay your lawyer.

In the majority of cases you will not have to pay the legal fee, it will be taken from your initial award and given to the lawyer by the SSA.

What is “back pay?”

Once you application is approved the SSA calculate the back pay that will be paid. The amount is that which you are owed dating from your approval date back to the date your disability was deemed to have begun; this is a maximum of one year.

With the legal fees being set at 25 percent of the back pay awarded to you it is easy to see why a Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri is such good value. If, for example, your back pay is $10,000, the lawyer gets $2,500 and you get the rest, however, you will have to pay any nominal sums paid out by your lawyer as he or she was processing your appeal.

If you have had your application for disability benefits denied you will be looking for a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri. You are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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