Following Necessary Steps with a Personal Injury Law in Grand Forks, ND

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Lawyers

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In North Dakota, product liabilities exist when a manufacturer doesn’t eliminate serious risks. These risks exist either in the product design or during the assembly process. The liability exists when the manufacturer is aware of the flaw or risk and fails to take action. A personal injury law in Grand Forks, ND helps victims of these liabilities file a legal claim.

Starting the Official Report

The official report is filed through the Consumer Rights Protection Agency, who then assesses it and determines if the consumer’s injuries are serious. They determine what risks the product presents to consumers. They may also issue a product recall if the packaging doesn’t explain possible dangerous outcomes. If a serious risk exists, the agency reviews further consumer injuries.

Securing the Evidence

The consumer’s medical records related to their injuries are critical to the case, as they explain the nature of the injuries the consumer sustained. The doctor’s notes can help determine if the injuries are linked to the product directly. The consumer also needs to secure the exact product they used. They can not go and buy another one at the store; it will not work. They need the one that caused their injuries to help determine if this was an isolated incident.

Conducting Forensic Tests

Forensic tests are conducted to determine the possible outcome of following the packaging instructions. The lab needs to know how the consumer used the product. They must go over each step of the process followed by the consumer. This allows them to test the steps and determine if the injuries were possible.

Reviewing the Victim’s Award

The victim’s award could consist of any financial losses associated with their injuries. This could include medical costs, the price of the product, and potential tort-based rulings. The severity of their injuries could influence the overall award they receive.

In North Dakota, product liabilities exist when a manufacturer is responsible for consumer-based injuries. The liabilities are based on a flaw or risk that exists in the product design or after the assembly process. Victims of a product liability can contact a personal injury law in Grand Forks, ND or browse our website for more information now.

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