The Cost of a DUI and Hiring a DUI Attorney in Oswego, IL

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Attorney

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Most people don’t plan to get pulled over and arrested for a DUI. However, there is always the chance this will happen if they have a few drinks and decide to drive home on their own. Even if they feel like they are alright to drive, they could be over the legal limit and could face an arrest if they’re pulled over. A DUI charge is an expensive thing to go through, and the only way to successfully deal with it is by hiring a DUI attorney in Oswego, IL.

According to recent studies, a DUI in Illinois costs most people more than $10,000 to deal with. This cost assumes the person is convicted of the DUI. However, even if a person avoids a conviction, it is still going to be very expensive to deal with. They will need to hire a lawyer, pay court costs, deal with the automatic suspension of their license, and more. If they are convicted of a DUI, they may be required to pay fines and take a driving course they will need to pay for themselves to complete their sentence.

The only way to minimize the amount a person will pay is to work with a lawyer. Even then, the amount they can reduce it by can be limited. It’s possible the lawyer will be able to have the charges dismissed. If this happens, they can reduce the amount of court costs and fines they’ll need to pay quite a bit, because they will not be fined as part of a sentence and their court costs will be limited as well. They will still need to pay for the lawyer, to have their license again, and other expenses like getting their car out of impound.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you are going to need to spend quite a bit of money to get this over with. It’s important to hire a DUI attorney in Oswego, IL to try to minimize the impact the charge will have on your life, especially the financial cost of dealing with the charge. Take the time to Visit the website to learn more about how a lawyer can help for your situation.

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