Criminal Lawyers in East Grand Forks, MN Provide Expertise, and Winning Record

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Criminal law is perhaps the most recognizable aspect of defenses in law. The main tenet of a criminal defense is the defendant’s attempt at proving the prosecution wrong through challenging the prosecution’s evidence by mounting a good, solid defense.

Defense Attorneys

Criminal Lawyers in East Grand Forks, MN can help you build a strong defense for whatever charges you may face. They can discuss in length what you’re facing charge-wise, whether you should put in a plea deal, or help lessen the prosecution’s case against you. Criminal lawyers can guide you through the difficult process of formulating a watertight defense, helping with alibis, entrapment, self-defense, and the statute of limitations.

These professionals are experts in the field of criminal law, dedicating their lives and practices to upholding the innocence and liberties of their clients.

Potential Defenses

The famous insanity defense is quite difficult to pass off. You and an attorney must prove to the judge and jury that you either have a history of serious, debilitating mental illness or disease that has prevented you from understanding the implications and consequences a crime carries.

The client must have towed the line of being able to discern reality from fiction to pull off a successful insanity plea. In turn, this also means you fully admit outright that you’ve committed a crime, which if ineffective, you could face an even harsher punishment.

Criminal lawyers are staunch advocates in defending your rights in self-defense cases. If you contact us, you can be sure that your rights are preserved and that you were acting to prevent bodily harm to you and your loved ones. Although you acknowledge you acted in an otherwise criminal manner, your actions are forgiven fully based on the situation in which self-defense is acted upon.

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