Managing A Dog Bite Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Ottawa County

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In Michigan, pet owners must maintain full responsibility for their dogs and lower common risks associated with their pets. Local laws require them to prevent their dogs from roaming freely through their neighborhood. This lowers the probability of an attack. However, if they fail to control their dog, neighbors or visitors could sustain injuries. The following is information about managing a dog bite case with a Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County.

Treatment for the Injuries and Notifying Animal Control

The first step for the victim is to seek medical treatment for their injuries. This provides them with medical records support their claim against the dog owner. It also provides a full assessment of their injuries and how severe they are. The doctor is obligated by law to report all dog attacks to the county animal control officer.

Quarantines and Vaccination Requirements

The animal control officer issues a notice to the dog owner. The notice defines quarantine requirements for the pet owner. The standard quarantine for these attacks if twelve days. The dog owner must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for the full quarantine period. The vet acquires any vaccination records for the dog to ensure that the animal doesn’t have rabies. They conduct further assessments to determine if the dog is a danger to the public. The animal control officer makes the final decision about the outcome for the dog.

Strict Liabilities in a Dog Bite Case

Strict liability is used when a dog that attacks a human was already involved in previous attacks. Under this ruling, the pet owner is automatically liable due to their knowledge of an aggressive temperament. The pet owner is required to pay for all medical costs for the victim and provide additional money for pain and suffering. For more details, to.

In Michigan, pet owners are required to maintain control over their dog to prevent personal injuries. A failure to maintain control could leave the owner liable for the resulting injuries. Dog owners could also face strict liabilities if their dog was involved in previous attacks. Victims of these injuries contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County through here today.

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