7 Ways to Manage Employment Discrimination

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It’s not always easy to spot discrimination at work. But if you think you’re the victim of unlawful treatment due to your race, sex or age, here are a few ways to manage the problem.  

Take proper documentation  

If you’re being harassed or discriminated against at work, it is important to begin documenting the perceived unlawful conduct, Lifehack says. Keep records of every incident and write the circumstances down as soon as possible when your memory is fresh. It’s often hard to prove discrimination. Documentary evidence may be invaluable in proving your employment discrimination case whether you live in or outside of Ventura County, California.  

Be aware  

Learn to recognize situations that may be encouraging the episodes or that could lead to instances of discrimination. Could you do something to prevent those instances from reoccurring?  

Know your rights  

Know when your rights are being violated. Learn about discrimination laws so that you know when to act when your employer’s misconduct occurs.  

Talk to your supervisor  

Communicate your concerns to your boss. You can also talk to your HR manager if you think the problem is with your boss. Make sure the company understands your side or concerns. How will they address your complaint and make sure that they follow-up with you in terms of an investigation into your issue? Keep in mind that there are additionally anti-retaliation laws that protect against your employer from firing or taking other adverse action against you for reporting perceived discrimination.  

File a report  

If talking to your supervisor or boss doesn’t eradicate the problem, then file a discrimination complaint with the appropriate governmental agency such as the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Be sure to provide the agency with the facts that you believe supports your claim.  

Hire a lawyer  

Don’t forget to hire a lawyer. If you’re tired of your complaints not being addressed by your employer, you should engage a competent lawyer who specializes in employment claims such as the Perrin Law Group.   Do your homework  

Make sure you hire the right attorney to help you. Check out his/her credentials and qualifications before you choose your attorney. Are you comfortable with your lawyer? Is your lawyer dedicated to your case? Take the time necessary to find the attorney who best meets your needs.

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