5 Special Considerations When Hiring a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

No parent wants to be in a situation of having to hire a criminal defense attorney for his or her child. Unfortunately, however, sometimes kids get in trouble. If yours does, you should understand the importance of hiring a skilled juvenile defense attorney in Coral Springs. Since a criminal conviction could follow your child through life, you should probably hire the best attorney you can find. Here are five special considerations when hiring a criminal defense attorney for a juvenile case.

1. Understanding

Because they often cannot fully grasp the criminal consequences of their conduct, young clients are different than adults. When you are looking for a criminal attorney for your son or daughter, you should probably work with one who can explain legal terms in a way a child can understand. At The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone, Mr. Fasone understands the delicate nature of juvenile criminal cases.

2. Location

Attorneys might have a geographic location better suited for adults than children. When looking for a juvenile defense attorney in Coral Springs, try to work with one that has easy access to juvenile courts and detention centers.

3. Experience

Adult criminal law is different from juvenile criminal law. If you pick an attorney who only represents adults to represent your child, you might not have the best representation. Instead, look for a lawyer who frequently works in the juvenile system. While it is acceptable for your child’s lawyer to also have adult clients, he or she should have considerable experience working on juvenile cases.

4. Reputation

Criminal lawyers should have a reputation of being hard working and successful. If they do, prosecutors and judges typically treat them better. In juvenile cases, you probably want to find a lawyer with a slightly different reputation. While you want to find a successful, diligent attorney, but you might also want to find one who is known for helping juveniles get back on track.

5. Longevity

Juvenile cases can last a long time because they have a considerable number of post-case procedures. For example, you might want to request a Judge to seal or expunge an arrest.  You might also need to file motions to address other issues concerning your child’s welfare. Either way, you should look for a lawyer who can stick with the case for years if necessary.

While having a child facing criminal consequence can be extraordinarily stressful for any parent, hiring a skilled juvenile criminal defense attorney in Coral Springs can help you navigate the justice system. By keeping these five special considerations in mind, you can likely find the best lawyer for your child’s case.

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