Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Springfield, MA Help Employees after Getting Fired

If a person is victim of wrongful termination, they may be able to sue the former employer. A successful legal action might mean that the victim can recover pay retroactively, and it may also mean that they can recover job-hunting expenses and statutory damages. In this article, readers can learn about wrongful termination laws and about how wrongful termination attorneys in Springfield, MA, can help.

Employment “At-Will”

In most instances, employees are hired at-will and can be fired at any time. Generally, the only catch is that the employer must have a legal reason for the termination. A firing may be unethical or dishonest, but it can be legal. An employment lawyer can evaluate a worker’s claim and tell them whether they have a valid case.

Contract Breaches

If a person has a written contract that states the duration of employment, it could be wrongful termination if the employer fires the person early. For a case to be had, the employee must not be in violation of any of the conditions and terms of employment.

Courts consider many factors when determining if a contract exists, such as the relationship’s length, the worker’s performance reviews, assurances that the worker could continue to rely on the job, and whether the company violated labor laws, such as failing to provide warning before a termination.


The 1964 Civil Rights Act bans discrimination based on color, religion, sex, or national origin. The law applies to companies with 15 workers or more, and other laws prohibit adverse actions against employees who are disabled, pregnant or over 40 years old. As of the time of this writing, no federal laws prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Discrimination lawsuits typically have short statutes of limitations, and it is important for plaintiffs to hire Connor Morneau & Olin before time is up.

If a worker has taken time off in accordance with state law and is then fired for that reason, they may file a claim against the former employer. Likewise, a worker may need wrongful termination attorneys in Springfield, MA, if his or her former employer violated rules included in union contracts. If someone believes they have been wrongfully fired, he or she should call a lawyer right away. Visit website for more details.

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